Capturing sound is an art form.

At Crockett Sound Labs, my goal is to capture the “sound in your head.” With years of experience recording everything from classic jazz and blues to crushing heavy metal, I have the knowledge and skills necessary to make your music sound its best.

Sound Engineering Options

  • Home and Mobile Recording: I can come to you! Record a project at your rehearsal space or in the comfort of your own home; a far cheaper option than booking a studio.
  • Live Recording: Got a live show you want captured? I can help.
  • Studio Recording: When only the best will do.
  • Mixing: Got raw tracks that need mixing? Home recordings that don’t sound quite right? Want to polish up old recordings or records? In addition to recording, I can work with you to bring out more of what you want to hear in any project.
  • Live Sound: In need of a PA and someone to run it? Mics, stands, etc. I’ve got you covered.

Listen to My Work

The songs in the player are all projects I’ve had a hand in producing.

Crockett Sound Labs

About Joe Davey

I’ve been performing music since 1992, and teaching music since 2010.

My Experience Includes

  • Hard and classic rock
  • Heavy/thrash/extreme metal
  • Jazz
  • Early 1900s jazz
  • Classic blues
  • Ragtime
  • Country
  • Musical theater
  • Indian music
  • …and more

Degrees, Certificates, and Recognition

  • Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree in music and technology
  • Outstanding Music Technology Student of the Year
  • Assistant Music Lab Coordinator
  • Audio Engineering TA
  • CRLA certified tutor
  • Two years teaching music at an elementary school

What My Clients are Saying

Steven W.

Joe can do it all. No genre or instrument can stop him, and he will slay whatever you put in front of him.

Steven W.

Aj S.

The skill with which Joe recorded my 3 guitar, 4 vocal, bass and drum 15 min metal composition is unparalleled.

Aj S.

Mel S.

Joe is personable, comes ready to work and is great with time management and preparation. He is a great person to work with.

Mel S.

Peter C.

No matter where you’re at with your music project, Joe Davey and Crockett Sound Labs will prove an asset without compare. Can’t recommend enough!

Peter C.
Crockett Sound Labs


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